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iSoftbet – ’24’ slot machine


Jack Bauer hit our screens in 2001 when the Fox Network aired ‘24’ for the first time. The series was ground breaking at the time, offering real time action, with each episode being one particular hour of a day, a whole series taking 24 hours. Each show would end on something of a cliff hanger, meaning you’d want to watch again and again. The question is; does this slot by iSoftbet make you want to play again and again?

Anybody familiar with the series will instantly recognize the game, the majority of symbols appearing exactly like the digital time shown at regular durations throughout each episode. The slot is very compact, all of the controls and the reels themselves housed in a screen-like box. Throughout the game the back image will change, moving from one shot of Jack Bauer in action to another. Graphically the slot is excellent – the high tech feel giving the impression you are working for the Counter Terrorist Unit that employs Jack. Throughout the game you’ll hear the soundtrack of the series as well as the occasional phrase shouted by Bauer himself.

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